Show The Scene

Show Don't Tell #2

Worksheet Description

The “Show Don’t Tell” worksheet is a creative writing tool that encourages students to enhance their storytelling abilities. The worksheet provides a column labeled “Scene” with brief statements that simply tell the reader what is happening, such as “John really doesn’t like the dinner his mother prepared.” Adjacent to each of these “telling” statements is a blank space under “Show It!” where students are expected to rewrite the statement into a more descriptive and engaging scene that shows the reader the situation through actions, thoughts, and sensory details.

This worksheet is teaching students the narrative technique of “showing” rather than “telling” to enrich their writing. By converting flat statements into vivid descriptions, students learn to engage the reader’s senses and emotions, painting a picture in the reader’s mind. The exercise helps to develop creative thinking and writing skills by encouraging the use of detailed descriptions and character expressions. Moreover, it emphasizes the value of showing the reader what characters are experiencing rather than just informing them, which is key to creating compelling stories and descriptions.