Picture-Scenario Pair

Show Don't Tell #11

Worksheet Description

The “Show Don’t Tell” worksheet is a creative writing exercise that features illustrations of characters alongside brief descriptions of their potential thoughts or feelings. Students are instructed to study each image and the associated scenario, then write a few sentences that depict what the character is thinking or feeling without stating it outright. The worksheet includes different emotional contexts, such as a character feeling bad because of criticism or another being proud of an achievement. The challenge for the students is to convey these emotions through descriptive writing, showing rather than telling the reader about the characters’ internal states.

This worksheet is designed to teach students how to express character emotions and thoughts in a subtle and nuanced manner through their writing. By focusing on the “show, don’t tell” technique, it encourages students to use descriptive language, actions, and reactions to reveal a character’s inner life rather than direct statements. The goal is to enhance the students’ ability to create vivid and relatable characters by depicting emotions in a way that invites the reader to deduce them. Ultimately, this worksheet helps students to improve their storytelling by developing stronger, more evocative character portrayals.