Weather And Seasons

Show Don't Tell #11

Worksheet Description

The “Show Don’t Tell” worksheet is a straightforward writing exercise that helps students practice the art of descriptive writing in relation to the seasons and weather. The worksheet has a two-column format where the left column, labeled “Tell,” contains simple statements such as “It is summer,” or “It is raining.” In the right column, labeled “Show,” students are asked to rewrite these statements in a more descriptive manner, painting a vivid picture of each scenario through the use of sensory details, actions, and emotions rather than just stating the fact.

This worksheet is intended to teach students how to enhance their writing by illustrating scenes and concepts with descriptive language. It encourages them to think beyond basic statements and to use vivid imagery and sensory details to ‘show’ the reader what they are describing, such as the warmth of the summer sun or the sound of rain against a window. The exercise helps students learn to engage a reader’s senses and emotions, making their writing more immersive. Furthermore, it fosters creative thinking as they transform ordinary statements into rich, detailed narratives.