Showing Character

Show Don't Tell #10

Worksheet Description

The “Showing Character” worksheet is a writing exercise that focuses on developing characters in storytelling. It provides a structured format for students to think deeply about a character’s attributes, going beyond simple descriptions to explore the character’s appearance, movements, and voice. Students are prompted to fill in details such as the character’s name, primary trait, a description of the character’s face, how they move their body, and what their voice sounds like. The final task on the worksheet is to combine these elements into a “show don’t tell” sentence that vividly portrays the character without directly stating the character trait.

This worksheet is teaching students how to create rich and nuanced characters by using specific details that show readers who the characters are rather than simply telling them. It encourages students to consider all aspects of a character’s presentation, which in turn can inform the character’s behavior and role in a story. The exercise enhances students’ ability to build a character from the ground up, providing a foundation for writing that is more engaging and descriptive. Additionally, it helps develop observational skills and empathy, as students learn to see their characters as multidimensional beings with unique traits and voices.