Match The Sentences

Show Don't Tell #1

Worksheet Description

The “Show Don’t Tell” worksheet provided is a matching activity that serves to strengthen a student’s ability to convey emotions and situations through descriptive writing. The worksheet lists several “telling” sentences on the left-hand side, which straightforwardly state a fact or emotion, such as “Jack’s feelings are hurt.” On the right-hand side are descriptive “showing” sentences that illustrate the same fact or emotion without directly stating it. The student’s task is to match each “telling” sentence with its corresponding “showing” sentence, thereby practicing the recognition and application of this narrative technique.

The worksheet is designed to teach students the narrative technique of ‘showing’ rather than ‘telling’ by having them engage in practical application. It reinforces the understanding that readers are more impacted by a story when they can deduce emotions and situations through context and imagery rather than being told outright. Through this exercise, students learn to avoid flat statements and instead develop their ability to craft compelling, descriptive scenes that evoke a more vivid and emotional response. The exercise not only enhances creativity but also improves critical thinking skills as students analyze and link abstract descriptions with concrete emotions or actions.