Matching Pairs

Show Don't Tell #1

Worksheet Description

This “Show Don’t Tell” worksheet is a language arts exercise focused on improving descriptive writing skills. The worksheet presents a list of three simple “telling” sentences on the left side that succinctly state facts, such as “The baby doesn’t like mashed potatoes.” On the right side, there are three more elaborate “showing” sentences or paragraphs, labeled A, B, and C, which describe scenarios with more detail and emotion. Students are instructed to match each “telling” sentence with the corresponding “showing” sentence that conveys the same message through a detailed description, indicating their choices with the appropriate letters.

The worksheet teaches students the concept of “show, don’t tell” in writing, which is a technique used to create vivid imagery and evoke emotion by describing actions, senses, and feelings rather than simply stating facts. This exercise helps students understand how to bring their writing to life by providing specific details that allow readers to visualize and feel the story. It also encourages students to think critically about the effectiveness of their word choices and the importance of engaging a reader’s imagination. Additionally, by analyzing the differences between “telling” and “showing,” students learn to enhance their narrative writing and develop a more engaging writing style.