Just Add -ing

Root Words #9

Worksheet Description

The “Root Word + -ing” worksheet is a vocabulary exercise focused on word formation by adding the suffix “-ing” to various root words. The worksheet displays a list of base verbs such as “dart,” “drop,” “read,” and others, and provides a line next to each for students to write the new word that results from the addition of “-ing.” The task is designed to help students practice converting verbs into their present participle form. Through this activity, students engage with the concept of verb tenses and the grammatical construction of words in the English language.

The objective of this worksheet is to teach students how to form the present participle of verbs by adding the suffix “-ing” to the root word. This exercise helps students understand how verbs change form to indicate ongoing action or the progressive tense. By writing out the new words, students reinforce their knowledge of this common verb form and improve their spelling skills. The activity also serves as a foundation for building more complex sentence structures and enhancing overall language proficiency.