Suffix -s And -er

Root Words #6

Worksheet Description

The “Root Word + Suffix” worksheet is a linguistic exercise designed to teach students about word formation by adding suffixes to root words. The sheet provides a list of twenty root words and instructs students to append the suffix “-s” or “-er” to each one, as indicated by the two separate sections. This addition will transform each root word into a new word. The worksheet is structured to allow students to write the newly formed words directly next to the given root words, reinforcing the concept of how suffixes modify and extend word meanings.

The worksheet aims to impart knowledge about how suffixes can be used to create plurals or comparative forms of root words, broadening students’ understanding of grammatical number and degree. It serves as a practical exercise in word manipulation, demonstrating to students how a simple addition can change a singular noun to plural or an adjective to its comparative form. The activity not only enhances vocabulary but also introduces basic morphological rules, fostering students’ spelling and grammatical skills. Additionally, this exercise can aid in improving reading comprehension, as students become more adept at identifying and understanding word forms within texts.