Remove The Prefixes

Root Words #5

Worksheet Description

The Root Words with Prefixes worksheet is an instructional tool designed to help students practice identifying the base form of a word, known as the root word, after removing its prefix. The worksheet lists ten words in a column labeled “Whole Word,” with each word containing a prefix. Students are instructed to determine the root word of each and write it in the adjacent column titled “Root Word.” This exercise enables students to deconstruct words and recognize how prefixes alter the meaning of root words.

This worksheet aims to teach students about the structure of words and the role of prefixes in word formation. By separating prefixes from root words, students learn to understand the origin of words and how adding different prefixes can change their meanings. The activity is fundamental in developing vocabulary and word analysis skills, which are critical for language comprehension and usage. It also fosters students’ ability to decode unfamiliar words and enhances their spelling and reading abilities.