Added Suffixes

Root Words #4

Worksheet Description

The Root Words with Suffixes worksheet is a vocabulary-building activity designed to help students identify the root word within a longer word that includes a suffix. The worksheet lists ten words in the left column under the heading “Whole Word” and provides a corresponding blank space in the right column under the heading “Root Word.” Students are instructed to analyze each ‘Whole Word’ to discern and write down the ‘Root Word’ in the provided space, thus separating the root from its suffix. This task enables learners to focus on the core part of the word from which other words can be derived.

This worksheet is teaching students to recognize and extract the root word from a derivative word that has a suffix attached to it. The skill of identifying root words is fundamental in understanding the meaning of complex words and is a key component in the development of a rich vocabulary. By completing this exercise, students gain insight into how words are formed and how they can be broken down into their elemental parts. This knowledge can be particularly helpful with the ability to infer the meaning of new words based on their components.