Where’s The Base?

Root Words #3

Worksheet Description

The Root Words worksheet is an educational exercise designed to enhance students’ understanding of word structure in the English language. It consists of eight groups of words, with each group containing a prefix, a suffix, a root word, and a word that is a combination of a root with either a prefix or a suffix. Students are instructed to identify and circle the root word in each group, which is the base word that gives the primary meaning to the derived word. The activity uses a mix of simple and more complex words to ensure a thorough practice of the concept.

The aim of this worksheet is to teach students how to dissect words into their basic components and recognize the root word within a more complex word. It emphasizes the understanding that prefixes and suffixes are added to root words to modify their meanings and create new words. This skill is crucial for vocabulary building, as it enables students to make educated guesses about the meaning of unfamiliar words by identifying their roots. Moreover, this understanding aids in spelling and can enhance students’ reading comprehension skills.