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Root Words #2

Worksheet Description

The Root Words worksheet is a learning activity designed to help students understand the concept of root words and how they can be modified with prefixes and suffixes to create new words. Each item on the worksheet presents a word that has been broken down into its potential prefix, root, and suffix. Students are directed to identify and circle the root word in each example. The worksheet provides a clear visual separation of the word parts, aiding in the identification process.

This worksheet is intended to teach students the basic components of words in the English language. It helps them to recognize that a root word carries the essential meaning of the word, while prefixes and suffixes alter this meaning to create a new word. The activity strengthens the students’ vocabulary by enabling them to see how words are built and to understand the relationship between words with common roots. Additionally, it provides foundational skills in word analysis, which is essential for language development and comprehension.