As Many As You Can

Root Words #15

Worksheet Description

The “Making New Words” worksheet is a vocabulary-building activity that focuses on the use of root words in the English language. The sheet features drawings of houses with a bold root word displayed on each one, such as “play,” “kind,” “read,” “write,” “eat,” and “port.” Students are given lines beneath each house to write new words that can be created by adding prefixes and suffixes to these root words. This creative approach encourages students to think about the various words they can construct from a given base word.

This worksheet is designed to teach students about word formation and the concept of morphemes, which are the smallest units of meaning in a language. By adding prefixes and suffixes to the root words provided, students learn how different parts of language can be combined to create new terms with related meanings. The exercise aims to enhance vocabulary by allowing students to explore the range of words that share a common base. It also helps to develop their understanding of how prefixes and suffixes modify and extend the meanings of root words, an important aspect of language arts education.