In Between The Two

Root Words #13

Worksheet Description

The Root Words worksheet is a linguistic exercise designed to enhance students’ understanding of word formation, specifically focusing on the use of prefixes and suffixes. The worksheet presents a list of words that have been modified by either a prefix or a suffix. Students are asked to analyze each word and write down the prefix in one column and the suffix in another, effectively deconstructing the word into its component parts. This process helps students to visually separate and identify the different elements that make up a word.

The worksheet aims to teach students about the structure of words by having them identify prefixes and suffixes used to modify root words. This skill is important for building vocabulary and understanding the nuances of word meanings. Recognizing prefixes and suffixes can also aid students in decoding unfamiliar words, enhancing their reading comprehension and writing abilities. By completing this activity, students become more adept at parsing words and appreciating the flexibility of the English language.