What’s In Common?

Root Words #11

Worksheet Description

The worksheet focuses on identifying root words within different variations of English words. Each question presents a set of three words that all share a common root word. The student’s task is to discern what the root word is and write it on the provided line next to the set. Through this exercise, students engage in morphological analysis by examining how words are constructed and how their forms change while retaining a base meaning.

The worksheet is designed to teach students about the concept of root words and how they form the basis of many different words in the English language. By finding the common root among various derivatives, students learn how prefixes and suffixes modify the meaning of the root to create new words. This understanding is crucial for vocabulary building, as it helps students make connections between words and recognize patterns in word formation. Mastery of root words also aids in enhancing reading comprehension and spelling skills, as students become more adept at deconstructing complex words into their elemental parts.