Making Matches

Root Words #10

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is an educational tool designed to help students understand the concept of prefixes and how they are used to form new words when attached to root words. It contains a list of eight prefixes on the left side, labeled with numbers, and a corresponding list of root words on the right side, labeled with letters. Students are instructed to match each prefix to a root word to create a new word and then write the complete word on the provided lines. This matching exercise helps students learn the meanings of different prefixes and the new words they can create.

The worksheet is teaching students to recognize and apply prefixes, which are groups of letters placed before a root word to alter its meaning. By combining prefixes with root words, students learn how a word’s meaning changes and expands. This understanding is key to developing vocabulary, enhancing word recognition, and improving reading comprehension. Additionally, knowledge of prefixes can help students deduce the meanings of unfamiliar words they encounter in texts, bolstering their language acquisition and literacy skills.