Internet Research

Research #4

Worksheet Description

The “Internet Research” worksheet is an educational resource designed to guide students through the process of conducting research online. At the top, there is a space allocated for students to clearly define their research topic or central question, setting the direction for their investigation. The worksheet instructs students to use three different websites to gather information, ensuring a breadth of perspectives and sources. This approach not only encourages students to seek out multiple viewpoints but also to compare and contrast the reliability and quality of different sources.

Below the section for source documentation, the worksheet provides an area for students to synthesize the information they have collected into an informative paragraph about their topic or question. This exercise challenges students to distill their findings into a coherent and concise summary, demonstrating their understanding and ability to communicate their research effectively. The structured nature of the worksheet helps students to organize their thoughts, develop critical thinking skills, and practice writing in an academic context. It serves as a practical tool for learning how to navigate the vast amount of information available on the internet and to extract valuable insights from it.