Regions of the Colonies

Regions of the Colonies Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to categorize the original 13 colonies of the United States into their respective regional groupings. It provides a table with two columns, one for the state/colony name and the other for the region it belongs to. The directions ask students to complete the table by identifying whether each colony was a New England, Middle, or Southern Colony. A colored map in the upper right corner gives a visual hint of the regional division of the colonies, though the colonies themselves are not labeled.

The worksheet’s educational purpose is to teach students about the regional divisions of the 13 original colonies and to help them understand the characteristics that distinguished these groups. By completing this activity, students will learn to differentiate between the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies based on geography, cultural heritage, economic practices, and social structures. This classification is crucial for understanding the dynamics of early American history and the development of regional identities. The exercise also helps students to practice organizing information and reinforces their grasp of colonial American geography.