An Extended Break

Reflective Writing #9

Worksheet Description

This Reflective Writing worksheet invites students to consider a period when they took an extended break from something significant to them, whether it be a person, place, object, habit, or activity. It prompts them to analyze the reasons behind the break, whether it was a choice or forced by circumstances, and to evaluate the break’s impact on their life. Students are then asked to reflect on how they felt after the break and to identify any lessons learned during that time. The lined spaces provided enable them to write a structured narrative of their experience and insights.

The worksheet is designed to teach students the value of introspection and the learning potential inherent in their experiences. It guides them to recognize the effects of absence on personal growth and well-being, fostering an understanding of how their attachments influence their life. This exercise encourages students to assess changes in their perspectives or feelings, highlighting the importance of self-awareness. Ultimately, it helps them develop the ability to articulate personal change and growth through reflective writing.