The New Year

Reflective Writing #3

Worksheet Description

This Reflective Writing worksheet is themed around New Year reflections and is a tool for students to look back on the past year and set intentions for the coming one. It has two prompts, the first for students to list their favorite things about the last year, and the second to express what they aim to achieve or experience in the new year. The worksheet provides lines for written responses, encouraging concise yet thoughtful reflection. Decorated with a festive illustration of party pennants, the sheet is likely designed to be engaging and celebratory in nature.

The worksheet is aimed at teaching students the practice of reflection and goal setting in relation to personal and possibly academic achievements. It encourages them to recognize and appreciate positive moments from the past, fostering a sense of gratitude. The goal-setting component inspires students to think forward and consider what they wish to accomplish, helping them to focus their efforts and aspirations for the upcoming year. This exercise not only promotes self-reflection but also helps students to develop a future-oriented mindset.