What I Wish I Knew

Reflective Writing #13

Worksheet Description

This Reflective Writing worksheet centers on self-awareness and personal growth by asking students to answer a thought-provoking question: What do they know now that they wish they had known a year ago, and why? This prompt encourages students to reflect on their learning and experiences over the past year, identifying knowledge or insights that could have been beneficial to them in the past. The worksheet provides lined space for students to write their responses, allowing them to explore and articulate these reflections in a structured way.

The worksheet is teaching students to evaluate their personal development and the value of hindsight in understanding life’s lessons. It encourages critical thinking about past decisions and experiences, leading to a deeper understanding of how knowledge is acquired over time. By reflecting on what they wish they had known, students learn to appreciate the process of learning as ongoing and iterative. Additionally, this reflective exercise supports the development of foresight and prepares students to apply their new insights to future challenges.