Addressing Injustice

Reflective Writing #12

Worksheet Description

This Reflective Writing worksheet prompts students to recall and write about a time when they witnessed an injustice. It guides them to describe the event, articulate why it was unjust, and reflect on their own actions or reactions at the time. Students are encouraged to consider what they wish they had done differently and to evaluate whether the experience has led to any personal change. The worksheet provides a large space for students to write their narrative, fostering a detailed exploration of the incident and its impact.

The worksheet is intended to teach students critical reflection on societal issues and their role within such contexts. It encourages empathy by asking students to analyze why an event was unjust and to consider appropriate responses to such situations. This exercise helps build moral reasoning skills by prompting students to think about ethical actions and potential regrets. Additionally, it aids in developing self-awareness by reflecting on personal growth stemming from witnessing or addressing injustice.