Evaluation Checklist

Reflective Writing #11

Worksheet Description

This Reflective Writing Checklist is a worksheet designed to assist students in evaluating their reflective essays to ensure they meet the required elements. It provides a series of checkboxes for students to confirm the inclusion of reflections at the beginning, throughout, and at the conclusion of their essay. The checklist prompts students to consider whether their essay adequately describes their feelings, sensory experiences, reactions, and the reactions of others, as well as what they learned or insights they gained. There is also a section for students to identify areas for improvement in their essay.

The checklist teaches students the key components of a reflective essay, emphasizing thoroughness and depth of personal expression. It guides them in self-assessment of their writing, ensuring they have considered multiple dimensions of their experience and reflection. This reflective tool encourages students to engage all senses and emotional responses in their writing, providing a richer, more detailed account. It also helps in developing critical editing skills, as students learn to evaluate and refine their work based on specific criteria.