Preparation Questions

Reflective Writing #10

Worksheet Description

This Reflective Writing worksheet is a prewriting tool that guides students in outlining a reflective essay. It instructs students to select an event in their lives that brought about change and to consider the event’s effects on their thoughts, feelings, and insights. The worksheet asks specific questions to help students delve into the details of their chosen event, how it compares to other experiences, and the nature of the change it prompted in them. This structured approach is intended to assist students in organizing their thoughts before composing the actual essay.

The worksheet’s educational objective is to teach students how to engage in reflective writing by focusing on personal growth and understanding. It prompts them to identify and analyze a significant life event, fostering deeper self-awareness and introspection. The comparative aspect of the worksheet encourages students to evaluate their experiences in a broader context, enhancing their analytical skills. Through this exercise, students learn to express complex personal transformations in writing, an essential skill for academic and personal development.