Reducing Risk

Reducing Risk Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is part of a series of educational materials focused on fire safety for children. It prompts students to list actions they can take to minimize the risk of a house fire, encouraging them to think proactively about fire prevention. Additionally, it asks them to detail their family’s fire escape plan and identify an outdoor meeting place for evacuation during a fire. The worksheet is designed to be both a learning exercise and a conversation starter for families to discuss fire safety protocols.

The worksheet aims to teach students practical fire prevention methods and the importance of having a clear and rehearsed escape plan in case of a fire. It encourages them to be aware of and actively participate in reducing fire hazards in their home environment. By asking for a written escape plan and a designated meeting place, the worksheet also ensures that students understand the steps to take in an emergency and the importance of reuniting safely with family members outside the home. This hands-on approach helps to ingrain crucial safety strategies in young minds.