Sort By Coloring

Sort By Coloring Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a collection of various geometric shapes arranged randomly across the page. It includes a mix of rectangles, triangles, circles, and other polygons. The title “Rectangles” at the top of the page, coupled with the instruction “Circle the rectangles,” clearly indicates that the student’s task is to identify and circle all the rectangles among the different shapes. The space provided at the top for the student’s name allows for personalization of the worksheet.

The goal of this worksheet is to reinforce the student’s ability to distinguish rectangles from other shapes. It enhances the student’s visual discrimination skills, a foundational aspect of geometry learning. By circling the rectangles, the student practices identifying the characteristic features of rectangles, such as having four sides with opposite sides being equal in length. This task also develops the student’s attention to detail, as they must carefully examine each shape to determine if it meets the criteria of a rectangle.