Three Letters

Three Letters Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a vocabulary exercise that encourages young learners to practice their reading and writing skills. It displays a series of images representing common objects and animals, such as a pig, sun, crayon, and bus. For each image, there are blank lines where students are instructed to write the word that corresponds to the picture. The task requires the child to say the name of each picture out loud and then write the word, reinforcing their language skills through auditory and visual learning.

The worksheet’s objective is to strengthen the students’ ability to recognize and name everyday objects and animals, and then translate that recognition into written form. It assists in vocabulary development by exposing them to a variety of words that describe familiar items. This exercise also supports the development of phonetic skills, as verbalizing the word helps with understanding its pronunciation and spelling. Moreover, the activity is designed to enhance the connection between spoken language and its written representation, which is a fundamental literacy skill.