Quick Glance

Quick Glance Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a reading comprehension tool that guides students through the process of analyzing a short story. It provides a structured format with sections for the student to fill in the title of the story, and then detail the characters, the setting, and the ‘Big Event’ or central occurrence of the narrative. The layout is designed to help students organize their thoughts and provide a clear summary of the essential elements of the story they have read. The worksheet encourages students to think critically about the story and to identify its most important aspects.

The worksheet teaches students the fundamental aspects of narrative structure. By completing the organizer, students learn how to identify the main characters and their roles, understand the importance of the setting in which the story unfolds, and recognize the key events that drive the plot forward. This exercise not only aids in improving their ability to comprehend and recall details from the text but also helps in developing their summarization skills. The focus on the ‘Big Event’ guides students to pinpoint the climax of the story, which is crucial for understanding the overall message or theme of the narrative.