End It Correctly

Question Marks #10

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is a learning activity that provides a list of twelve incomplete sentences, each ending with a blank space where punctuation is missing. These sentences appear to be designed in a way that students can determine the appropriate punctuation mark based on the context. The illustration of a girl sitting and holding what seems to be a broken piece of furniture adds a visual element to the page, potentially indicating the kind of scenarios that might be addressed in the sentences. Students are directed to add the correct punctuation to complete each sentence.

The objective of the worksheet is to educate students on the correct application of punctuation marks, specifically focusing on when to use question marks. By analyzing the structure and content of each sentence, students are expected to discern whether the sentence is declarative or interrogative. The worksheet is designed to develop the students’ ability to recognize questions within a written context and to use question marks correctly. It aims to improve their written communication skills by ensuring they understand the importance of proper punctuation in conveying meaning.