Purple Cow

Purple Cow

Worksheet Description

This Poetry Comprehension worksheet introduces students to the whimsical and humorous world of Gelett Burgess’s poem, “The Purple Cow.” In the poem, the author playfully expresses his fascination with the idea of a purple cow, something he’s never seen before and would consider remarkable.

Students begin by reading the poem attentively, immersing themselves in Burgess’s clever use of language and paradox. The poem encourages students to appreciate the imaginative and comedic aspects of poetry.

Following their reading, students engage in comprehension questions designed to assess their understanding of the poem’s humor and paradoxical elements. These questions encourage critical thinking and interpretation, allowing students to explore the poet’s intent.

This exercise not only enhances poetry comprehension skills but also introduces students to the delightful world of humorous poetry, fostering an appreciation for creative wordplay and wit in literature.