Purple Box

Purple Box Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed for educational purposes, concentrating on the color purple. It includes a place at the top for the student to write their name. The main body of the worksheet displays the word “PURPLE” in bold letters at the top for coloring, with a large picture of a box below it. Underneath the box image, there is a dotted line version of the words “Purple Box,” which provides a tracing activity for the student.

The worksheet’s primary goal is to strengthen color recognition skills by focusing on the color purple. By coloring the word “PURPLE” and the box, students associate the written color name with the visual representation of the color. The tracing activity below the box reinforces handwriting practice, teaching students how to spell and write the words “Purple Box.” This multi-sensory approach aids in solidifying the connection between the color and the word in the child’s memory.