Use Your Crayons

Use Your Crayons Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a color-themed educational activity focused on the color purple. It features a section at the top for students to trace the word “Purple” to practice their handwriting. Below the tracing exercise, there are six squares, each containing a line drawing of an object with its name written underneath: grape, eggplant, jam, onion, witch hat, and lavender. The instructions guide the student to trace the word and then color the images that are typically purple.

The worksheet teaches students to identify and associate the color purple with objects that are commonly purple in color. Through the handwriting trace, it reinforces the spelling and recognition of the color word “purple.” The coloring aspect of the activity helps students to engage with the concept of color in a tangible way, improving their ability to match colors with corresponding objects. Additionally, the task of selectively coloring only the items that are naturally purple encourages critical thinking and decision-making skills as they differentiate between the objects.