Beetroot Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a learning tool designed to teach the color purple through a combination of coloring and writing exercises. The top of the worksheet has a place for the student to write their name and features the word “PURPLE” in large, bold letters that the student is meant to color. Below this, there is an illustration of a beetroot, which is also intended to be colored. The lower part of the worksheet provides a dotted line tracing activity with the words “Purple Beetroot” for the student to practice writing.

The aim of this worksheet is to help students recognize and associate the color purple with objects that are naturally that color, in this case, beetroot. By coloring the word “PURPLE” and the beetroot image, students are reinforcing their understanding of the color. The tracing activity promotes fine motor skills and handwriting practice while also reinforcing the connection between the color and the word. This activity supports early literacy by teaching spelling and the association between the word and the visual representation of the object.