Pencil Case

Pencil Case Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is part of a series of educational activities focused on the color purple. It offers a space at the top for the student to write their name. The main part of the worksheet instructs students to color a word and an image — the word “PURPLE” in bold letters at the top and a drawing of a pencil case below it. At the bottom of the page, there’s a phrase “Purple Pencil case” in dotted font, which students are directed to trace, providing handwriting practice.

The worksheet is designed to reinforce the color purple by having the student color the word and the image of the pencil case in purple. By tracing the phrase “Purple Pencil case,” the child practices writing and associates the color with a common object. The coloring task helps develop fine motor skills and color recognition. Furthermore, the tracing exercise enhances letter formation skills and reinforces the child’s understanding of the relationship between colors and objects.