Tissue Boxes

Tissue Boxes Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a coloring and writing activity that focuses on the color purple. It features a name line for student identification at the top. The central part of the worksheet is dominated by the word “PURPLE” in block letters meant for coloring and an image of a tissue box below it. Additionally, there is a phrase “Purple tissue box” in dotted lines at the bottom, providing students with a tracing exercise.

The worksheet aims to reinforce the association between the color purple and objects that can be purple, in this case, a tissue box. By coloring the word “PURPLE” and potentially the tissue box image, students can connect the color with its name and a physical item. The tracing activity at the bottom not only practices handwriting skills but also solidifies the spelling and recognition of the phrase “Purple tissue box.” Overall, this educational tool engages visual arts and writing to enhance color recognition and literacy in young learners.