Splat of Shades

Splat of Shades Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a color-themed activity page that features paint splatters labeled with the words “RED,” “BLUE,” and “YELLOW,” along with images of a ladybug, butterfly, and banana. The students are expected to color each image with the color that corresponds to the paint splatter labels. The images are strategically placed next to the respective color names to guide the coloring process. The top of the page states, “Red, Yellow and Blue are primary colors,” serving as an instructional header for the activity.

The worksheet is designed to teach students the basic concept of primary colors-red, yellow, and blue. It encourages the recognition of these colors through the coloring of familiar objects typically associated with them. The task also helps to strengthen the students’ understanding that these primary colors are the building blocks for all other colors. Additionally, the activity aids in developing fine motor skills and color matching abilities, as students are required to control their coloring within the outlines of the images.