Points in the Story

Points in the Story Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is structured to help students identify and articulate the main events in a short story. At the top, there is space for students to write the title and author of the story they are analyzing. The sheet is divided into three sections labeled “Beginning,” “Middle,” and “End,” with two boxes in each section prompting students to describe the “Big Event” and elaborate on “What happens?” This layout guides students through the narrative arc of the story in a structured way, encouraging them to focus on the key events that drive the story forward.

The worksheet is designed to teach students how to pinpoint and summarize the main events in a story’s narrative structure. By identifying the big event at the beginning, middle, and end, students learn to understand the progression and development of the plot. The worksheet also aims to improve students’ reading comprehension by having them extract and condense the most significant aspects of the text. Additionally, by writing down these events, students practice expressing narrative elements in their own words, which aids in memory retention and helps to develop their summarization and writing skills.