There Are 2 Sides

Picture Titles #4

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a puzzle that uses a cipher to encrypt the title of an image, tasking students with the challenge of decoding it. Each letter in the title has been substituted with a random letter or number, and two letters ‘R’ and ‘S’ have been given as starting clues. The students’ objective is to decipher the rest of the letters using these clues and the provided alphabet key. They must complete the puzzle by deducing the correct letters that correspond to the symbols, ultimately revealing the title of the picture.

The purpose of this worksheet is to engage students in critical thinking and problem-solving through the application of decryption techniques. It encourages them to identify patterns, use frequency analysis of letters, and employ logical reasoning to solve the cipher. This type of exercise can help improve students’ analytical skills and attention to detail, as well as provide a fun and educational way to explore the intersection of art and language. Through this activity, students will also become familiar with basic cryptographic concepts, which are foundational in many STEM fields.