The Man

Picture Titles #2

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a cryptogram that challenges students to decode the title of a picture. Each letter of the original title has been replaced by a random symbol, and students are given a key with two of the letters already filled in to help them start the decryption process. The objective is to use logic and frequency analysis to match the rest of the symbols with the correct letters, revealing the picture’s title. The worksheet includes an alphabet key to aid in the translation of symbols back into letters.

The purpose of this worksheet is to teach students analytical thinking and problem-solving skills through the decryption of a code. It encourages linguistic and logical reasoning, as students must recognize letter patterns and use partial information to infer the rest. This type of exercise also enhances students’ attention to detail and can spark interest in both art and cryptography. Completing this activity will not only improve critical thinking but also familiarize students with the process of encryption and decryption.