PayPal Word Problems

PayPal Percentage Word Problem Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is centered on the application of percentage calculations in various financial contexts related to the use of PayPal. It includes problems that require students to compute the amount received after transaction fees, the results of currency conversion, the remaining balance after a percentage of it is spent, and the refund amount from a return. It also covers scenarios such as determining savings from a seller’s discount, earnings from cashback rewards, the division of payment between two parties, and the historical analysis of transaction fees.

The worksheet teaches students to navigate and solve percentage-based problems that one might encounter while using online payment services like PayPal. It aims to build students’ practical understanding of how percentages are used in real-life financial situations, such as calculating fees, discounts, cashback, and refunds. By applying mathematical concepts to familiar online transactions, the worksheet helps students develop their numerical literacy and financial reasoning skills, equipping them with the ability to handle personal finance matters effectively.