Starts With

Starts With Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is another phonics resource, aimed at helping students identify initial letter sounds of various words. It features images of different objects, each paired with a blank box where a letter is to be placed. The bottom of the worksheet provides a selection of letters, specifically I, H, A, and E, which students must cut out and paste into the correct box corresponding to the initial sound of the object shown in the image. The objects include a plane, an elephant, and a tree, which are to be matched with their starting sounds.

The worksheet is teaching students to recognize and match the first letter of a word with its corresponding sound, a foundational skill in reading and phonics instruction. It engages students in a hands-on activity that reinforces the connection between sounds and letters. The task also serves to expand the students’ vocabulary by introducing them to new words and their spellings. Additionally, the cut-and-paste element of the worksheet is beneficial for practicing fine motor skills and making the learning experience interactive.