Place It Right

Place It Right Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to teach children how to identify left and right positions in relation to a subject. It contains a series of images featuring a boy and a girl, each with objects placed on either side. The students are instructed to mark with an ‘X’ the object that is to the right of the girl, to the left of the girl, to the left of the child, and to the right of the child. Additionally, there are directions to draw or paste items, specifically a kite to the right of the girl and some flowers to the left of the girl, which likely involves additional cut-out items not visible in the image.

The worksheet is teaching students spatial orientation by having them recognize and mark objects according to their position relative to the central figure, either to the left or to the right. The tasks of marking with an ‘X’ and drawing or pasting new items serve to reinforce the concept of direction and position. By completing these exercises, students practice understanding and using directional language, which is a fundamental skill for navigating their environment. This activity is typical for early education to help children learn to differentiate between their left and right in a practical and interactive way.