Essence of Position

Essence of Position Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to educate students about spatial concepts and the language used to describe them. It includes three distinct sections: the first section asks the student to identify the position of the letter ‘F’ in the alphabet and the position of their nose on their face. The second section is a drawing task where the student must draw an apple in relation to a banana and a pear according to specific spatial instructions. The third section requires the student to write a sentence about the position of a depicted character and object in a picture.

The worksheet teaches students to think about and describe the location of objects and themselves in space. In the first part, they learn to identify positional order in a sequence and on their body. The drawing task encourages them to understand and apply the concepts of ‘left of’ and ‘above’ in a visual context. Finally, by writing a sentence about the position in a provided picture, they translate their understanding of spatial concepts into descriptive language. This multifaceted approach helps students grasp the practical application of position vocabulary in various contexts.