Right Location

Right Location Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a learning tool that helps students identify and understand the concepts of left and right. The activity involves circling objects according to their left or right position relative to a central point. There are four sets of paired objects, each labeled ‘a’ through ‘d’, with one object placed on each side of the pair, and students must circle the object on the correct side as instructed. Additionally, there’s a section at the bottom with images of hands labeled ‘Left handed’ and ‘Right handed’, where students are asked to color the hand they write with and transcribe the name of their laterality.

The worksheet aims to teach students to recognize left and right positions and to associate them with their own sense of direction. By circling objects on the left or right, they practice distinguishing between the two sides. The activity with the hands not only reinforces this concept but also helps students become aware of their own dominant hand, a fundamental aspect of their motor skills. This exercise is particularly useful for developing spatial awareness and is a common component of early childhood education curriculums.