Carrots of Eight

Carrots of Eight Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a learning tool for children focusing on the number eight. It features a large purple number eight at the top for students to trace, which is colored in to capture their attention. Below the tracing section, there are eight carrots depicted to visually represent the number. The sheet also includes multiple lines with the word “eight” written in a dotted line format for handwriting practice, allowing children to trace and write the word repeatedly.

The worksheet is designed to teach students both the numeral and word representation of the number eight. By tracing the large number, they develop familiarity with its shape and improve their fine motor skills. The carrots offer a counting activity, helping children connect the number to a set of objects. Lastly, the repetition of writing the word “eight” aims to reinforce spelling and word recognition, integrating number literacy with early writing skills.