Boating Eights

Boating Eights Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a multi-faceted educational activity page centered on the number eight. It contains three large, dotted outlines of the number eight at the top for students to trace, helping them understand the shape and form of the number. Below the tracing activity, the word “Eight” is written out three times in a large, clear font, also with dotted lines for tracing. The bottom half of the worksheet is filled with boxes, each containing a picture of a ship, summing up to eight, which the students can count and color.

The worksheet is crafted to teach children the numeral and word form of the number eight through tracing and coloring activities. By tracing the dotted eights, students practice their handwriting and reinforce their understanding of the number’s shape. Tracing the word “Eight” helps them connect the written word to the numeral, enhancing their reading and number recognition skills. The coloring activity with the ships not only makes learning fun but also allows students to practice counting to eight, solidifying their comprehension of the number’s quantity.