Bees to Flowers Maze

Bees to Flowers Maze Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a playful activity that incorporates a number recognition task with a charming visual theme. A variety of numbers are scattered across the page, with a cartoon bee at the top left and a flower at the bottom right, creating a visual line for the student to follow. The instruction is for the learner to help the bee find the flower by finding and circling all instances of the number seven. The space for the student’s name at the top allows for individual ownership of the work.

The worksheet is teaching students to identify and distinguish the number seven from other numbers. It is designed to improve the child’s focus and attention to detail as they scan through the numbers to find the sevens. The theme of helping the bee creates an engaging narrative that makes the learning process more enjoyable. Moreover, this activity aids in developing fine motor skills as the children must carefully circle the correct numbers without touching the others.