Number 4 Review

Number 4 Review Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a multifaceted educational activity designed to reinforce the number 4. It begins with a number tracing section at the top, where numbers 1 through 6 are presented in dashed lines for tracing. Below the tracing exercise, there’s a sequence of numbers with a missing numeral, where students are prompted to identify and write the missing number in the box. The middle section offers the word “Four” in a dashed, traceable font for handwriting practice, and at the bottom, there are five basketballs with instructions to color four of them.

The worksheet is aimed at teaching students numerical order and recognition, as well as the spelling and writing of the number word “four.” In the number sequence, the student is encouraged to understand numerical order by identifying the missing number, which is 4. Tracing the word “four” helps link the numerical symbol with its written form, enhancing literacy skills. The coloring activity combines counting with fine motor skill development, as the student must count correctly to color the appropriate number of basketballs, reinforcing the concept of the number 4 through a creative and engaging task.