Number 20 Review

Number 20 Review Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is centered on the number 20 and offers a variety of activities related to this number. Students are instructed to color a large “20” and the word “twenty,” count and circle groups of stars that total 20, trace the number 20 several times, count and circle a collection of cars to find groups of 20, and finally, write the missing number in a sequence leading up to 20. These activities are designed to engage different learning styles, with a combination of visual, tactile, and cognitive tasks. The worksheet is laid out clearly, with each activity separated into its own space on the page, making it easy for students to focus on one task at a time.

The worksheet aims to teach students number recognition, both numerically and alphabetically, for the number 20. It also focuses on the skill of counting to 20, as well as number tracing to improve handwriting and fine motor skills. The task of identifying and circling sets of 20 items helps to develop the students’ ability to group and quantify objects. Additionally, by filling in the missing number, students practice understanding number sequences and identifying patterns within them.