Twenty Shades

Twenty Shades Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a grid of numbers with the task of finding and shading all instances of the number 20. Each cell contains a different number, and among these are several occurrences of the number 20. Students are required to scan through the grid carefully to locate all the 20s. Once found, they must shade these cells, differentiating them from the rest of the numbers.

The objective of this worksheet is to reinforce the recognition of the number 20 among other numerical values. It teaches students to focus on a specific numeral within a field of various numbers, enhancing their ability to distinguish and identify that numeral quickly. This activity also serves to improve the students’ fine motor skills through the act of shading, and it encourages meticulous observation, as they must examine each number individually to find all the 20s. The worksheet combines number recognition with visual discrimination, an essential skill in mathematics and everyday tasks.